UPR Training

UPR model

The UPR approach to building staff capacities in meeting the challenge of challenging behaviour

The most recent study on challenging behaviour in the South-East of Ireland commissioned by the H.S.E., recommended that staff training should be prioritised in the following three areas:

  • Understanding how challenging behaviours develop in individuals;
  • Training in behavioural assessment and multi-element behavioural support;
  • Training in reactive strategies to manage challenging incidents.

The UPR (Understand; Prevent; Respond) approach is an innovative training approach and consists of a series of four training days each addressing one of these areas. The four days are run over a period of time as agreed with the service provider, and are delivered through a selection of lectures, demonstrations, and group discussions.

Day 1 – ‘Understanding

‘Introduction to Positive Approaches’

(Designed in association with Dr.Beth Barol, Ph.D)

This one day course which increases our understanding of Challenging Behaviour. Through the use of biographical timelines, participants will learn how to develop and use positive approaches in their daily interaction with those who have behaviour that challenges.

The course is aimed at trainers and frontline staff and can serve as an excellent introductory experience for further training programmes.

Day 2 – ‘Proactive Strategies

‘A Multi-Element approach to Behaviour Support

The best way of dealing with challenging behaviour is to prevent it occurring in the first place! This is a one day course introducing behavioural assessment and multi-element behavioural support to promote the use of effective, non-aversive methods that work with individuals who have challenging behaviours so that they can enjoy community participation with dignity and respect . Topics covered are functional assessments; environmental adaptations, positive programming and skills teaching; individual focussed supports; and a brief introduction to reactive strategies.

Day 3 – ‘Reactive Strategies’

‘Training in Crisis Management’

This is a one day course in verbal and physical reactive strategies for frontline staff. The course will look at the area of behaviour escalation and personal safety techniques, and will demonstrate ways that staff can react in a non confrontational / non violent manner. (This course will not include the teaching of control and restraint techniques, but will address the issues around using such techniques).

Day 4 – ‘Self-care and Personal Safety Planning’

‘Looking after ourselves’

This is a recent addition to the 3-Day UPR Course and addresses the whole issue of selfcare for staff. Each participant will construct their own individual Personal Safety Plan to help keep them safe in what can be at times a very emotionally charged workplace.

Further details on the above courses can be obtained by emailing  derrmot@dermotrafter.ie

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